Beans & Red Wine

This morning while watching the Today Show they featured this recipe for bean soup that people in this small town in Sardinia have been making for 500 years. The town had a reputation for longevity. The people they talked to were inspiring.
They don’t really exercise but still work their farms every day. Many of them are shepherds, which calls for a lot of activity. They drink a lot of the local red wine (a ganache, I believe) and their diet has some meat but it is basically, plant based.
The doctor who Today talked with, said that even by making small changes similar to the way these 80 and 90 year old live, we could all live longer and healthier lives. One suggestion, eating one cup of beans a day, could add two years to a life.
But that really wasn’t the remarkable thing. No, the remarkable thing was the advertisement that followed. Jack in the Box has a new breakfast sandwich on their menu that includes a fried egg, a sausage patty, some bacon and ham. Did I mention the cheese? It’s all served on between toasty sourdough bread.
It should be noted that if it weren’t for Jack in the Box, I might not have ever married my husband, John. Years ago, when we were first seeing each other he said he was going to stop at Jack in the Box for a cheap, fast meal. I felt so sorry for him I asked him over for dinner later that week. The rest is history.
Thinking about eating that sandwich makes my chest hurt.
If people want to eat one, that’s their choice and I’m not saying I’m ready to live like those old folks in Sardinia, but maybe I’ll make a couple of those lifestyle changes. That glass of red wine a day might be the way to start.
Here’s the link to the recipe.

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  1. maoffer13 · April 7, 2015

    That minestrone sounds delicious! I often make some soups quite similar to this, as we’re vegetarian at home (eat some fish out, when we’re in places where it’s truly fresh), but I’ve never added fennel, an herb I love. It’s on my shopping list now, for sure.


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