Tomato Pie and Inspiration

I bought ‘The Best Food Writing 2014’ a couple weeks back and am just now getting around to reading a couple of the essays.
One essay, written by Dave Monday is called ‘The Tao of Bianco’ and was published in ‘Edible Baja Arizona.’ The Bianco in this case is Chris Bianco, the famous pizza man from Phoenix. Last year, after much fanfare and several delays, Bianco opened a shop in Downtown Tucson. I’m ashamed to say I haven’t been down there just yet.
Another article is by Frank Bruni, the former food critic at the New York Times. Bruni is a great writer and not just about food. His opinion pieces in the Sunday Times always seem to strike a chord with me. In this article Bruni writes about the comfort he takes in just being a diner with his critic days behind him.
David Sax, author of ‘Save the Deli’ – one of my favorite reads last year – has an excerpt from his new book, ‘The Tastemakers’ – it’s all about bacon.
Then I noticed the name Ann Hood in the Table of Contents. She has a novel ‘The Italian Wife’ that is on my ‘To Read’ list. The article is from the magazine ‘Tin House’ (I’ll admit I’ve never heard of it.)
The article was good, but what touched me was that Hood wrote about how she was inspired to be a writer by Laurie Colwin.
That hit me big, because Colwin was an inspiration to me, as well. I was more influenced by her food writing. She wrote for ‘Gourmet’ for years but then died way too early. Thankfully there are two collections of her essays ‘Home Cooking’ and ‘More Home Cooking,”Home cooking and more Home Cooking
The recipe is for Tomato Pie. It sounds delicious and I plan on making it soon. Now I’ve had Paula Deen’s Tomato Pie and loved it, but being that this is a Laurie Colwan recipe, I’m sure the results will be much tastier.
I’ll keep you all posted, pictures and all.