Radio Days

Being a part of On the Menu….Live yesterday was so much fun.
Matt Russell is a great guy and I am so appreciative to him for giving me a platform to promote The Well-Fed Foodie.
But yesterday was about so much more than me and my blog. The weather was Chamber of Commerce weather and sitting on the patio at Gio Taco, we got to watch all the excitement of Downtown Tucson; the people, the modern streetcar, the trains, the traffic. There was so much going on in town yesterday it was amazing.
Donald Northrup was a guest. Northrup is the CEO of The Independent Distillery, a “bar” that will feature a variety of spirits hand-crafted by Northrup. With hopes of opening Downtown (30 S. Arizona Ave.) this summer, spirit lovers will be able to sample vodka and gin at first and then as time passes several dark liquors. The process of getting the company together has been a long one for Northup and his team, but this is exciting news lovers of spirits. I learned yesterday that gin must be 51% juniper based by law. It’s what Northrup plans to do with the other 49% that sounds exciting.
Then via phone (because it was his birthday) we talked with Brian Metzger, owner of Gio Taco, Poppy Kitchen and Jackson Tavern. Brian was enthusiastic about all that’s happening at his restaurants, especially the cocktail programs. And as such we got to sample the new cocktail flight that is being served at Gio.
There were four drinks all together: Gio Punch, Blue Sauce, Rojo Limon and the One Margarita. With the colors of the local sunsets each drink was better than the next. Different spirits, fresh fruits, infusions, syrups blended with a proper hand….delicious and delightful.
Of course, On The Menu….Live means sampling food. Manager Josh Proctor kept bringing all manner of goodies for us to share. Eight different tacos were served, including a fab fish taco and a savory Korean beef taco. Then there was the luchador tots: big bites of yucca, smoked cheese sauce and duck chicharrones. Too good. We finished with Thrifty Ice Cream sundaes – but only bites, mind you, we had no more room.
Once again thanks Matt for a fun hour! I consider it a privilege to be a part of such a great show.