Sunday Foodie Sunday

In spite of the fact that weekends don’t mean as much as they used to when I was a working stiff, Sundays are still pretty special times – an extra cup of coffee, the New York Times crossword puzzle, a nicely planned dinner. Sunday’s in Tucson also mean the Heirloom Farmers’ Market at Rillito River Park.
I made a quick trip yesterday because I got there late and the hours had changed. It’s amazing how much you can pick up in twenty minutes when you have to. Bread from Village Bake House, eggplant and zucchini from a local grower, big fat organic strawberries and mesquite honey. I think I’ll make eggplant Parmesan tonight for dinner.
Then because it was such a beautiful day we popped up to Armitage Lounge and Wine for lunch. A lovely Bloody Mary and a three appetizers later, we headed home. We sampled the prime rib sliders that come with a tomato horse radish dip and a little bit of au jus, the hummus plate and the house calamari that encrusted with polenta that made these seafood bites perfectly crispy.
Dinner was spinach ravioli with my red sauce. Tasty even id if there are no pictures.